Broom closet, finished

I mentioned last week that I have great friends, and I do. After complaining that Ikea had sold out of the Bekvam spice rack that I wanted to use to in my broom closet organization closet, my friend Rosie came to the rescue.

Rosie was traveling for work in California, and just happened to be staying at a hotel next to Ikea. She remembered my post and checked to see if they had any Bekvam in stock. Lo-and-behold - they DID. So she schlepped three back to the east coast, just for me.

Rosie, you're the best.

The whole project started out because I found this great inspiration photo on Pinterest.
But I had the darnedest time finding wooden shelves like those mounted on the door. But the Bekvam was the perfect solution.
Thankfully they were flat packed, which made it easy for Rosie to bring back from California. But they were easy to assemble. It only took me a few minutes for each shelf.
With the build in hangers, they were also really easy to hang. But first I had Hubby dig out a can of white spray paint. They needed three full coats in order to match the finish of the door, but I think it was worth it.
They aren't the exact same as the inspiration photo shelves, but they definitely do the trick! The three shelves were the perfect solution for adding additional storage and getting all my cleaning solutions out from under my kitchen and bathroom sinks.
The shelf depth is the perfect fit for holding all sorts of cleaning supplies securely.
And by putting cleaning supplies on the door, I was able to open up the closet cubbies to hold trash bags, vacuum supplies, and overflow tissue boxes and paper towels.

ps. To see the first phase of my broom closet organization project, visit here.


  1. Love this! Those shelves are also great for book racks in kids' rooms. In case you or a friend ever get to the west coast again :)

  2. Ok- Just saw your other post all about using these as bookshelves :)

  3. Catching up on your blog - the closet looks great! So glad it all worked out :-).