Our kitchen - finished!

>> December 27, 2013

Alright folks! I don't have a ton of time, as a little girl desperately wants to play Barbies! But I finally have the photos of the kitchen uploaded, so here you go. If you want additional details on how we got here, you can check this last post (eons ago)! Now get ready for a boatload of photos!

Here are all my sources for those wondering. Since I don't have time to leave a ton of commentary, please ask questions in the comments section! It was a labor of love by Hubby, who did all the work himself. We began the project in March and finished in September. Most of the project was done by June, in time for Caroline's birthday party, but it took Hubby's a few extra weeks to finish all the final trim, etc. I just love how it turned out, it definitely extended the life of this little space. Although we didn't move any walls, everything except the layout and cabinets are new.

2. Cabinet pulls: these knobs from Home Depot
3. Bin Pulls: discontinued by Restoration Hardware, similar 
4. Cabinet hinges: these, also from Home Depot
5. Cabinet color: Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart, color matched in Behr Paint + Primer
6. Wine cabinet: stock, from Ikea
7. Range: GE Cafe, gas double-oven
8. Range hood: original to the house
9. Utensil holders: Williams-Sonoma, a wedding present, now discontinued and this pitcher vase from Ikea
10. Walls: wood paneling
11. Ceiling lights: these brushed nickel ones
12. Sink: this one from Ikea
13. Sink protector: this one by Kohler fits perfectly
14. Rugs: Dash and Albert, pond stripe
15. Counters: butcher block, in the beech color.
16. Faucet: This one
17. Open shelving brackets: these 
18. Shelving: Hubby built himself
19. Valance fabric: this floral/paisley style (which I also used in the dining room)
20. Message boards: Pottery Barn the daily system
21. Counter stool: Smart and Sleek stool from Wisteria
22. Kids seating: Kritter, table and chairs from Ikea


Paige @ Camp Ave December 27, 2013 at 2:05 PM  

Love the kitchen! Question - did you take those photos yourself? If yes, what camera and lens do you use? I'm looking for a camera for interior shots and your pictures are beautiful. Thanks!

Shannon @ Project Shannon December 28, 2013 at 1:31 PM  

Paige, thanks for your comment and for reading! I use my Canon Rebel T3 for these photos. I bought the camera base without the lens package, and purchased a macro lens through Amazon. I bought a Canon 50mm lens for less than $100. It's a great macro starter lens, perfect for close up shots and portraits. It gives a great up close shots with a lovely blurred background. The only tough part, which you can tell from the photos I took, it's tough to get large wide angle shots. A regular lens would have captured much more area within a single shot, whereas this lens is really not used for taking whole room photos. But it's perfect for the detail shots and lovely for portraits!! Hope this helps!

Anonymous,  January 9, 2014 at 10:43 AM  

It's always great to see a reno reworking what you already have, but adding just a few touches here and there to give it a fresh new look, without breaking the bank. It's more interesting to see a room done this way than a total gut job, hiring others to put in high end, top of the line everything. Love, love the shelving! Kudos to the hubby! And it's always appreciated when there is a source list. I might be using that mourning dove. Tina

casey at loft and cottage January 23, 2014 at 3:55 PM  

Wow, wow, wow! I love how it turned out, and you must be in heaven to be in there using and enjoying the space every day now! Great great work, loving the farmhouse, plus a little modern, style. The ceiling lights are GREAT, and of course love the open shelving. Are you happy you went with the butcher block countertops? I seriously considered doing that for ours, and still would for our next house someday... Anyway, great work and congrats!!!

Shannon @ Project Shannon January 25, 2014 at 2:46 PM  

Casey - thanks for the comments! I love the space, although I wish I still had a bit more storage. But for reusing the cabinets, it worked out really well. I am happy with the butcher block counters. I think it works really well in the space - and we selected the material because Hubby could install them himself. We didn't hire out anything in the whole kitchen to save money, so it was an easy surface to work with and cut to fit. They are a bit of work to maintain, but nothing that's a deal breaker.

Shannon @ Project Shannon January 25, 2014 at 2:49 PM  

@Tina - thanks for the comments. The cabinet color is even more lovely in person than the pictures show. I would use it again and again. It's a great green/gray paint color that is surprisingly warm! I would have loved to do a full gut-reno, but my dream kitchen involves taking down walls, and installing support beams - a project we just couldn't undertake financially. But for roughly $5k - this kitchen will easily supply me with years of culinary happiness!

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