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>> June 5, 2013

I'm just having a hard time blogging. Things are busy these days, as usual. I feel like that is hardly an excuse, but it's true. With a love bug like this in my life, who could blame me?

It's been hard to justify blogging lately when she's so loveable. I know parents say "every age will be your favorite" - but even though I like babies (a lot), this is definitely my favorite age. She's "reading" me books, counting to ten, sleeping in a big girl (!!) bed, and is perfectly affectionate.  We have a second birthday coming up fast, and I can't stand it.

We are getting close to complete on the kitchen facelift I mentioned several weeks back. I've been holding out posting interim photos because I want you to see it "in action". But for the sake of catching up and posting (apparently I have friends who are very sad I have been so MIA...kate...), I thought I would share my favorite beauty products these days.  I'm always switching up the routine, trying to find my favorites, and I think I'm close.

Hair Care

My two biggest beauty obsessions are make-up and hair products, but after many misses, I found a few favorites and I'm sticking with them.
My favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner is Pureology. It's not cheap, admittedly, but it goes a long way. The bottles I currently use have lasted forever.  When my hair is really damaged and dry, I wash my hair with the Precious Oils Shampoo, maybe once or twice a week. It's heavy, but it does the trick.  Then for every day, I use the Hydrate shampoo and conditioner combo. My hair feels so much healthier, even my stylist noticed!

As for styling products, I use three and rotate depending on the day and what "look" I'm going for.
I use Paul Mitchell Quick Slip to eliminate frizz and protect my hair from the blow dryer. It works like a charm. I've been using this for three years now, and if they stop making it, I swear I will go ape crazy. For that "beachy" casual look I love, I use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I haven't tried many different salt sprays, but I love this one so much, why try anything else? Then if I need a bit of root lift and volume, I might spritz some of Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift. I just bought this for the first time not long ago, and if you combine this with a good round brush blow out, major volume! For the average day, I use quick slip and surf spray on towel dried hair, then I do a quick blast with the blow dryer to get most of the dampness out, and let my hair air dry. With a little summer humidity, this is my perfect "look".

Skin Care

I've found some really great products lately, that are finally whipping my just-okay-skin, into great skin.
My routine varies slightly from morning to night. In the AM, I don't need to wash my face (unless I was at the gym), I just splash with water. Then I layer on this sunscreen, which is great with SPF 40 (the highest I've found!) and doesn't have an oily or thick residue, and basically no smell. Then I use this super thick moisturizer, which my skin just soaks up. I swear, between these two products, my skin has never looked better. I did pick up a sample of this moisturizer plus sunscreen the other day at Sephora, and I'm loving it. If I needed a lighter product for the summer, I would use it regularly.

In the PM, I use this scrubber to take off my makeup and polish my skin. I don't know how I lived without one for so long. I know some people swear by the clarisonic, but this Olay one is so much cheaper and really does a great job. I use this Burt's Bees face wash, because I love that it's super calming without any harsh chemicals. My facialist told me I must start using a Vitamin C serum, or my skin will start to look old and rugged much earlier than I'd like (she said it nicer than that, however). I picked up this one, which got rave reviews, so I am hopeful my face will start to look brighter in no time (too much bad sun when I was young and stupid). Then I use my regular anti wrinkle cream and still love this one by Boots. And following the motto of applying "thin to thick" products, I finish off my routine with a layer of the Merlot moisturizer once again. Even though it has SPF, it hasn't been a problem at night so far.

Now, for the face...

Benefit Erase Paste for serious child-induced sleep deprivation. For just a bit of eye brightening, I use this concealer or this tried and true option. Both are great and you can't go wrong with either. I very rarely use a foundation option, but if I need a bit of coverage, I pick this highly blendable, sheer tinted moisturizer. It's just enough color to cover any flaws, without feeling heavy.

Bobbi Brown's Bone shadow is the perfect base color for my skin tone. The pigment is great, and a little goes a long way. With wearing glasses everyday, I have a tough time with eyeliner, if I don't want it running down my face, so I tend to stick to liquid. I prefer Sephora's brand, in either Black Purple or Grey Black. I just picked up this Benefit eye kit the other day, after seeing it on Elements of Style, and I love it. It makes sexy eyes super easy to pull off. I have been trying to find an organic/non chemically mascara for awhile now. Having all those icky products right next to my eyes kinda wigs me out. Currently, I'm using this one by Physician's Formula. I don't love it, but it's not bad. I think I might try this one next.
For cheeks, I stick to the basics. If I want subtle daytime color, I pick this in Pretty Peach.  But for bolder color, or a nice summer flush I use The Multiple in Orgasm. I truly think this is one color that looks great on just about everyone. Then if I want my face to look a bit brighter, one sweep of this does the trick.  It's not super sparkly, just enough for a bit of a glow.
Finally, I like a nude lip, so I stick to just a few choice colors. I really like Stila's lip gloss in Kitten for the summer. This super inexpensive lip color in Natural by E.L.F. is the perfect matte shade for my skin tone. For a basic balm, I rarely am far from a tin of Rosebud Salve. Finally, my latest perfume choice was actually an impulse buy from Gilly Hicks. I picked it up for super cheap, as it was being discontinued. But now I love it and wear it every day (should have bought two!!). You can only find it on Ebay, these days.

Well, I hope that post was long enough to make up for the fact that I have been totally slackin on this very part-time blogging gig. Happy Wednesday!

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