A spicy rack

Over the weekend, I went to Ikea for two very specific reasons.

One, I had to return something. Easy. Not a problem.

Two, I wanted to pick up four of these.
It's a $4 bekvam spice rack. I looked all over the store. I scoured the kitchen section searching for this. one. very. specific. item. 

But nothing.

Why did I want, excuse me, need these? Because I had a plan to redo our broom closet, thanks to this photo from Better Homes and Gardens that I found on Pinterest.
Our broom closet is the most neglected space in our house and is in desperate need of a makeover. It is one of the few neglected spaces that we haven't touched since we first purchased the house three years ago. It feels dirty and dark, the space isn't well utilized, and frankly, I need to maximize my kitchen storage. So I loved the idea of using door mounted shelving to store cleaning supplies and free up space inside the closet. I tried to find the source of the shelves in my inspiration photo, but no such luck.

So when I came across the bekvam, I thought "perfect!" They are the right price, I can paint them, and I have an Ikea store just 20 minutes away! But when I couldn't find them anywhere at Ikea, I started to get a little panicked. You remember my last run-in with Ikea, right? We had a bit of a falling out. It turned out okay eventually, but we were touch and go for awhile.

So when I asked an employee where I could find the bekvam, I was none too pleased when her response was, "Oh those went viral. We've been sold out for months."


Apparently, no one is using the bekvam to hold spices. These days parents are using them to hold children's books.

Yes, it's a great idea. But apparently the bekvam-as-bookshelf craze swept the nation, and all Ikeas right out of stock. So I am going to have to wait until at least October to snag myself my own bekvams to use as something other than a spice rack.

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  1. Total bummer, but at least it's an excuse to go back to IKEA, right?

  2. This post is so apropos, as I was at BBB looking at spice rack options LAST NIGHT! I was severely disappointed since most of what they had were spinning table top display crap (don't they know I NEED that counter space?!) and the only thing that was shelf-like was something that was 'as seen on tv' plastic crap. I too, will be waiting for October. Keep me posted if they come back in stock!

  3. As soon as I saw that picture of that rack in my reader, I assumed you were doing a book nook for Caroline since it's ALL OVER PINTEREST.

    I tried to find them back when I did Tay's nursery. I ended up getting $25 floating bookshelves from IKEA instead that are a tad cuter. More expense, but cuter.

  4. Ugh, I get so depressed when things are out of stock at Ikea--and it happens fairly often. Hope you finally get them and get to organize to your heart's content!

  5. I should start selling these on the black market, they are such a hot commodity. I am pretty sure no one actually uses them for their intended purpose either.

    @Dana - Ikea has lots of great spice racks though, definitely worth browsing!

    xoxo, Shannon