Floorplan flip

>> January 27, 2014

Hi all. Thanks so much for the comments, and visiting the blog again, after such a long hiatus. But it seems fitting, now that we are swinging into reno mode again, that I should start blogging a bit more frequently. Perhaps more to talk about? Or maybe it's just a renewed interest. Who knows.

But I mentioned in my last post, that we are finally adding a second bath in our house! (Hip hip hooray!) We've been in our house for 4.5 years, and the one bath has worked out fine, for the most part. But I can see a time, in the not-so-distant-future, where that will become unmanageable.

We had a few options for adding a second bath, and we considered a few spots in this house. No matter what we considered, however, it was hard to find a decent solution that was both affordable, and reasonable. We didn't want to change the footprint of the house, and "going up" would have cost a lot more moo-la. So we decided on re-configuring our first floor. We don't lose/gain space, but Hubby can do much of the work himself.

So here's what we are working with today (not exact measurements, but you get the idea).
This is the back of the house. Downstairs, we have two roughly equal-sized bedrooms. One we use as the master, and one we use as an office. The front of the master bedroom has my closet, which backs up to the living room. The shared wall is where we hang our TV.The office has a closet (where Hubby keeps his things, and why Caroline often refers to this as "Daddy's room"), and the closet backs up to our only bathroom and shower. Basically, our plan involves flip-flopping the spaces, stealing from the office, and adding to the master, then using the extra square footage to add in a bath.
So now, instead of the office on the right, and the bedroom on the left, the space will be configured like the above. The wall between the two spaces will be moved toward the left side of the house by three feet, to create a more narrow office with a desk and bookshelves. We will install french doors from the front of the office into the living room, so you can stand at the front of our house and see clear through to the backyard.

If you follow me on Instagram (@projectshannon), you'll have seen Hubby already hard at work building out the fireplace mantle, so we can mount the TV above the fireplace. We can't bust open the new office space until that TV is relocated. (Heaven forbid we should be without TV for a Celtics game!)

The other side of the space will gain the new bathroom (which will share plumbing with the, abutting, existing bath) and a large-ish closet. I'm not sure the scale on the above photo is exactly right, but it gives you an idea. I just care about how it looks, Hubby is the one with the measurements.
This shows Hubby's much more detailed version of the plan (and decidedly more proportional than my guestimate version). We don't have designer software in this house, so he built this in excel. But it provides all the figures we need to map out the plan. It's also been really helpful with our contractors, and giving them an idea of how everything will come together. We plan to hire out the rough plumbing, and maybe a guy to install the bathroom tile (just so we can get it done), but otherwise, Hubby plans to tackle the remaining.

We hope to save the hardwood floors (we'll see how THAT works out, as wall demo begins), and we have plans to add new recessed lights in a few spots. Once the TV gets moved, then we can start clearing out toys in the existing office, and get to work on demolishing the space.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow me on Instagram for all the play-by-play action! (and cute pictures of Caroline, too).


Our next home reno

>> January 16, 2014

With a new year comes new resolutions (blogging more, perhaps?) - and in our house, it also means new projects. I feel like we only just got done with the kitchen, and we are already jumping into the next big thing.

As I've mentioned before, our house only has one. bath. Yes, you heard right. A single bathroom. No extra toilet hiding in the basement, no extra shower for guests. Just one of everything. Well, everything important. God forbid we should all get the stomach flu at once - we'd be royally screwed. So this is the year we are doing something about it. And even though my daughter is only 2.5, I feel like her days as a bathroom-hogging-teenager are right around the corner.

So something needs to be done.  We are planning a small renovation, with BIG changes. It means rejiggering our floorplan, shifting around our master bedroom, ripping down walls, and adding new ones. But in the end it means we will have a (small and modest) master bath.  EVen though it won't be huge, it will have great style!  We've already started purchasing, so here's my inspiration board.

I will show you the new floor plan soon, but today is all about the bath. The demo will begin in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned on Instagram for those peeks!

Mirror (which I got from One Kings Lane, but is exactly the same), vanity (yes, getting a vanity from Amazon worries me. But it is exactly what I want and at a good price, so I am hoping the reviews are true.), sconces, faucet, shower fixtures, toilet, tp holder, shower wall tile, floor tile, shower floor tile, and paint.


Our kitchen - finished!

>> December 27, 2013

Alright folks! I don't have a ton of time, as a little girl desperately wants to play Barbies! But I finally have the photos of the kitchen uploaded, so here you go. If you want additional details on how we got here, you can check this last post (eons ago)! Now get ready for a boatload of photos!

Here are all my sources for those wondering. Since I don't have time to leave a ton of commentary, please ask questions in the comments section! It was a labor of love by Hubby, who did all the work himself. We began the project in March and finished in September. Most of the project was done by June, in time for Caroline's birthday party, but it took Hubby's a few extra weeks to finish all the final trim, etc. I just love how it turned out, it definitely extended the life of this little space. Although we didn't move any walls, everything except the layout and cabinets are new.

2. Cabinet pulls: these knobs from Home Depot
3. Bin Pulls: discontinued by Restoration Hardware, similar 
4. Cabinet hinges: these, also from Home Depot
5. Cabinet color: Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart, color matched in Behr Paint + Primer
6. Wine cabinet: stock, from Ikea
7. Range: GE Cafe, gas double-oven
8. Range hood: original to the house
9. Utensil holders: Williams-Sonoma, a wedding present, now discontinued and this pitcher vase from Ikea
10. Walls: wood paneling
11. Ceiling lights: these brushed nickel ones
12. Sink: this one from Ikea
13. Sink protector: this one by Kohler fits perfectly
14. Rugs: Dash and Albert, pond stripe
15. Counters: butcher block, in the beech color.
16. Faucet: This one
17. Open shelving brackets: these 
18. Shelving: Hubby built himself
19. Valance fabric: this floral/paisley style (which I also used in the dining room)
20. Message boards: Pottery Barn the daily system
21. Counter stool: Smart and Sleek stool from Wisteria
22. Kids seating: Kritter, table and chairs from Ikea


Merry Christmas!

>> December 23, 2013

Dear friends, it's admittedly been waaaay too long since I posted, and I felt really, really guilty about it for some time. And that guilt multiplied into a family of five, and it seemed crippling. So I just stopped.

The past year was great, but also one of the busiest thus far! I got promoted over the summer to a new job that is very challenging, where I've never worked harder, and is great for my career. Thankfully, I am starting to enjoy it. Hubby, after more than five great years, also got a new job. He left a firm that was very kind to our family, for a new opportunity that is fabulous for his career. But as a result, he's never worked harder. On top of that, I have a very delightful and growing daughter that needs more of my love and attention than ever - for which I am oh so happy to give.  This last year we've traveled and we've loved like never before. We've had highs and lows, and that my friends, has taken a lot of attention.

At first I felt guilty for not touching base, but then, after a while, I realized that this is not my job (as much as I would have loved it!), and unfortunately for you and me, I do not get paid to blog. So I have dedicated myself over the past year to focusing on my (real) job and my family.

But I didn't want to leave you without our annual Christmas card!

I took the photo and designed the card myself. Caroline's dress is from The Gap, but a few seasons ago. I found it on eBay, brand new. Then I had it printed at Mpix. I love their printing services, it's so easy to upload your own designs, and they don't include a barcode or anything on the back to help with tracking. And they print on real cardstock, instead of photo paper. It took me a few tries with different vendors before I found one I liked!

I still have a few posts in me, so don't think this is goodbye. I just need to carve out some time to blog when Caroline can entertain herself with toys. We finished our kitchen reno a few months back, so I promised a few people I would show you the space. I promise to do that soon! Until then, may your holidays be filled with peace, love and joy!

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